Pictures Of Cats More Popular Than Selfies

By NewsRoom24 on February 19th, 2014 / Views
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Research published today shows that we are a nation of online cat lovers, preferring to post images and videos of our favourite moggies rather than share selfies.

According to a study by mobile network Three, internet users share more than twice as many online cat pictures than selfies. More than 3.8 million feline photos and clips are shared each day, compared to 1.4 million selfies. It also revealed that more than 350,000 cat owners have set up an account on Twitter or Facebook or other social networks for their pet.

One in five owners have created an online persona for their kitty because they think it is more interesting than they are – uh, chances are, they’re probably right. Meanwhile, 15 per cent of owners post pics and videos of their cats because they hope the animal will become an internet star.

They are looking to follow in the paw steps of such miaowing luminaries as Grumpy Cat, Nyan Cat and Keyboard Cat. In tribute, Three has published an internet Kitty Hall of Fame. The study said pet owners are turning to WhatsApp, Twitter and Vine for sharing pics, while Pinterest is popular when sharing videos. The most active pet owners online are aged 18 to 34 and use Instagram and SnapChat for their cat pic needs.

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