Screens Replace Windows On Supersonic Jets

By NewsRoom24 on February 19th, 2014 / Views
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A company building a supersonic jet says it plans to replace cabin windows with thin display screens embedded in the wall. Cameras recording outside the aircraft will display pictures on the screens.

Spike Aerospace, which is designing the plane, says drag will be reduced by removing windows, which “cause significant challenges in designing and constructing an aircraft fuselage”.

In a blog on its website the company said windows required additional structural support and added weight to the aircraft but these problems could be eliminated by using micro-cameras and flat displays.

It plans to surround the aircraft with cameras and display the views on the cabin screens. Passengers will be able to dim the screens or change the images.

Dr Darren Ansell, an expert in space and aerospace engineering at the University of Central Lancashire, said that the experience for passengers of being in a plane without windows could be an unusual one.

Spike Aerospace is based in Boston in the US and is made up of a team of engineers who have experience of aircraft design and building.

In December, it announced plans for the S-512, which it claimed would be the world’s first supersonic business jet.

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