Ukraine crisis: Cameron warns Russia over their clutches on Crimea

By NewsRoom24 on March 4th, 2014 / Views
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"What we want to see is de-escalation " David Cameron

“What we want to see is de-escalation ” David Cameron

Russian force reported, they place a time limit of 03:00 GMT for Ukraine forces to admit defeat or face attack. David Cameron was responding after this report. He has said, Diplomatic, political and economic pressures will be put on Russia to send a “clear message” about its actions in the Ukraine. “What we want to see is de-escalation rather than a continuation down the path that Russia has taken, violating the sovereignty and territorial integrity of another country. So we shall have to bring to bear diplomatic, political, economic and other pressures in order to make this point” he said. The prime minister discussed with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande about the crisis on Monday. The International community has admonished Russia, if they don’t back off their forces and reduce the pressure.

In the meantime, an official document reveals UK stand on crisis. It makes clear the Government is not considering curbing trade with Russia – or closing London’s financial center to Moscow as part of any possible package of sanctions against the country.

The document was photographed as a superior official carried it into a meeting in Downing Street, states “the UK should not support for now trade sanctions or close London’s financial center to Russians”. That piece of paper substantiate that Officials are considering ,by the side of with other EU countries ‘ visa limitations and travel veto on important Russian figures.

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