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Teacher taped pupils’ mouths shut in Somerset

By NewsRoom24 on March 5th, 2014 / Views
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A teacher has been suspended following claims she taped pupils’ mouth shut in a classroom at Danesfield Church of England School in Williton, Somerset.
Parents have claimed that the incident happened after pupils were laughing and clowning throughout a lesson.
The parents claim that the mouths of kids in the year-six class were taped for the entire duration of the lesson and that the pupils were told they would be sent out of the class if they tried to remove the tape.
Parent of a 10-year old complained his kid was upset with the treatment. He said: “When she removed it at the end of the lesson it took the skin off her lips and made her lips bleed.”
Another parent, Lisa Duffield, said her 11-year-old little girl is declining to go into class with the teacher once more.
Avon and Somerset police said they were conscious of the charges. But still it is not clear whether the force will investigate or will leave it to the School authorities.
Students claimed the teacher lined up just about every one of them in class and put the sticky tape over their mouths.
The school changed over to an institute recently and is currently known as Quantock Academy. Ian Bradbury, executive head teacher of the Quantock Federation said to The Telegraph: “We take all allegations concerning the well-being of our children very seriously. An incident happened yesterday which we are investigating thoroughly.
“A member of staff has been suspended whilst the investigation continues. My thanks to the numerous parents who have brought this matter to my personal attention and have given their on-going support to us in this challenging situation.”

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