Brandon Howard to Reveal Results of DNA Test to Prove he is Son of Michael Jackson

By NewsRoom24 on March 6th, 2014 / Views
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A 31-year-old singer, Brandon Howard once praised as the “reincarnation of Michael Jackson” claims he’s more than just a fan of the late King of Pop — he claims he’s his son.

His mother is pop singer Miki Howard. Brandon, who shares a musical and physical resemblance to MJ, has plans to present groundbreaking DNA evidence proving that he’s Jacko’s son on Thursday, TMZ reported.

Howard Weitzman, Jackson’s estate lawyer, told TMZ: ‘We’ve never even heard from him,” when asked about Howard’s claim. He added: “Any deadline for claiming to be Michael’s child has long since passed.”

The singer known as B Howard released a statement today through his manager Scott Broomfield of Musical Star LLC saying: “To my fans, family, and friends, despite recent allegations, I did not authorize the testing of my DNA to be compared to that of the late Michael Jackson nor did I contact TMZ regarding the publication of the story.”

“This spring, I agreed to be a part of a documentary with FilmOn.TV and was asked to give a sample of my DNA. Even though I agreed to this I never expected it to be used in this manner. To this day, I have never claimed to be Michael Jackson’s son nor do I have any intention of pursuing the family’s estate.”

The estate has been estimated as holding $17million in cash and earning $600million in revenue. If the results prove positive, it would make Mr. Howard the eldest of Michael Jackson’s children.

The Jackson family have faced previous claims by people claiming to be offspring of the star, who died in June 2009.

In 2009, Joe Jackson, Michael’s father, said he believed Norwegian dancer Omer Bhatti was the King of Pop’s fourth child. Joe said at the time: “I knew Michael had another son, yes I did. He looks like a Jackson, he acts like a Jackson and he can dance like a Jackson.”


However, the rapper denied he was King of Pop’s son, claiming to be his best friend.

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