Brokenshire Declares Middle Class for Inflow Of Foreign Workers

By NewsRoom24 on March 6th, 2014 / Views
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James Brokenshire, the new immigration minister, will accuse families and big businesses of benefiting from the recent arrival of foreign workers in Britain and also added ordinary, hard-working people have not felt the economic benefits of immigration.

Vince Cable, the Liberal Democrat Business Secretary, will argue that Britain needs migrants because they are some of the most efficient workers in the economy.

Mr Brokenshire will attempt to align the Conservative Party with working class voters who analyses opinion polls say that most tempted to vote for the UK Independence Party and unhappy about immigration. He remarked about middle-class beneficiaries of immigration may be controversial not least since his predecessor, Mark Harper, was forced to resign after employing an illegal immigrant to clean his London flat.

Economists and business leaders have said that Britain needs a steady supply of immigrant workers to fill skills gaps and economic growth.

Brokenshire will reject the argument by saying the costs and benefits of foreign labour are not being fairly shared and in the past year net migration from the EU has doubled, and this figure is too high.

The Conservative Party has promised to reduce net immigration to the UK to under 100,000, but the annual total remains above 250,000.

The Coalition spat moved out after Downing Street was accused of suppressing a report which found that immigrants are not preventing as many British workers getting jobs as previously claimed.

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