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Jordan Tapping racism: Donnie Fraser banned 1 year from Football

By NewsRoom24 on March 6th, 2014 / Views
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An East Stirlingshire player Jordan Tapping is racially abused by a teenager Donnie Fraser during a match on Saturday. Fraser has admitted the offense and he has given a 1 year Football banning order.
Fraser had committed a terrible offence
Jordan Tapping , 17 year old boy was totally upset during the game and substituted during Shire’s 4-0 loss on Saturday. The club confirmed that their player was totally upset over the incident. The media has reported the incident and police started an investigation.

Fraser was traced and admitted the offense , that he shouted to Tapping and made a racially insulting comment. Fraser was also ordered to pay £300 in compensation at Peterhead Sheriff Court.
Donnie Fraser admitted the offense
Defense lawyer Garry Sturrock told, his client, Tapping, a laborer at a local fish factory, was disconcerted of his actions.

The lawyer added that Fraser told, he was deeply ashamed and accepted the wrongness of his actions

He further said that the teenager should be seeking help from his GP to deal with anger management issues.

Sheriff Alison Stirling told Fraser he had committed a “terrible offence”.

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