Scotland to be in UK, says the ‘Oil giant ‘Shell boss

By NewsRoom24 on March 6th, 2014 / Views
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The chief executive of the oil giant Shell, Ben van Beurden said, he wanted Scotland to stay with UK. The Company believed in the Continuity and Stability assured by UK, he stated. As long UK continued as the member of EU, the voice of UK should be loud enough to impress the EU, he told.

He again added “Yes, we’re used to operating in uncertain political and economic environments. But, given a choice, we want to know as accurately as possible what investment conditions will look like 10 or 20 years from now.

“That’s the chief reason we’re in favor of the UK maintaining its long-established place at the heart of the European Union: it provides greater investment stability and certainty.
Shell have around £100bn worth of investment planned for the North Sea

Last week, the chair man of Shell UK, Ed Daniels said the discussion about independence of Scotland was “a matter for Scottish people” and “it would be wrong” the Shell take part. Other business groups Lloyds Banking Group and Barclays mutually quoted the Scottish independence poll as a hidden risk to their businesses.

“Shell has a long history of involvement in the North Sea – and therefore in Scotland – and we continue to invest more than a billion pounds there every year.”

A recent Oil and Gas People poll showed that  70% of oil workers planned to vote for independence
A spokeswoman for the Scottish government said: “The Scottish government agrees with Shell that the real risk facing the oil and gas sector is the proposed in-out referendum on EU membership, which risks taking Scotland out of Europe with all the consequences for jobs, investment and prosperity that would entail.

“We would be happy to meet with Shell to discuss the future of the oil and gas industry in an independent Scotland.

“As Ed Daniels, chairman of Shell UK has acknowledged, the independence debate is a matter for the Scottish people. A recent Oil and Gas People poll showed that in fact, 70% of oil workers planned to vote for independence.

“Industry has significant confidence in the opportunities presented in the North Sea. Combined, operators, including Shell, have around £100bn worth of investment planned for the North Sea. And with more than half of oil and gas reserves by value still to be extracted, that investment will continue after independence.

“Shell is a company which already operates in more than 40 independent countries around the globe, and an independent Scotland with full control of its economy and huge resources will offer an attractive and stable environment for businesses in the offshore and other sectors.”She added.

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