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David Cameron warns Russia not to take further action in Ukraine

By NewsRoom24 on March 7th, 2014 / Views
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Mr. Cameron said it was a dangerous moment after attending an emergency EU summit to discuss possible sanctions to deal with Moscow’s aggression in Crimea.

Mr. Cameron warned Russian president Vladimir Putin not to further damage the situation and added the situation in Ukraine remains highly precarious a slightest miscalculation could see it spiral out of control. Russia must engage in direct talks with Ukraine and make progress on them or it will face the prospect of asset freezes and travel bans.
The EU leaders joined ­Ukrainian prime minister Arseniy ­Yatsenyuk in condemning an illegal decision by the pro-Russian Crimean regional government to stage a referendum on March 16 on joining Russia.
Mr. Cameron said any further actions in Ukrainian territory will have far reaching consequences for EU-Russian relations. He also did not make any demand for Russian forces in the Crimea to return to their bases.

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