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Neymar intervenes, little sprinter conquered the Stadium

By NewsRoom24 on March 7th, 2014 / Views
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After that the whole Football Stadium witnessed a heartwarming scene. The small boy looks like 6 years old ran to the pitch .He wanted to close to his Brazilian idol.

The little boy carried in the arms of the Brazilian team (1)

After several meters, the boy was blocked by the security guards. But unexpectedly, the super star, 22-year old Neymar rushed into guards, seized the boy and carried him in his arms to his team mates. The stadium was in high energy even the players. They celebrated as Neymar and passed him to every player’s hand.

Neymar grabs the little one from guards (1)

The boy was totally surprised and he could hardly believe his luck. Finally Neymar posed for photos with him and the photographer was……. no one other than Star of Chelsea defender David Luiz.

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