Idris Elba as Shere Khan In Disney Jungle Book

By NewsRoom24 on March 8th, 2014 / Views
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British actor Idris Elba has joined the cast of Jon Favreau’s, the director of Iron man, live-action Jungle Book movie as murderous tiger Shere Khan.

According to a report Idris is on board for the film, which will mix live-action and special effects to tell Rudyard Kipling’s classic story of a boy raised by animals.

The special effects will be supervised by Rob Legato, who won Oscars for his work on Martin Scorsese’s Hugo and James Cameron’s Titanic. Rival studio Warner Bros has tapped Oscar-winner Ron Howard to direct a separate project based on a screenplay by Harry Potter stalwart Steve Kloves.

Idris Elba as Shere Khan In Disney Jungle Book1

The studio has strengthen its creative team by setting as its production designers Alex McDowell (Man Of Steel, Rise Of The Guardians) and Chris Glass heading a team of concept artists that includes Michael Kutsche (Alice, Oz, Maleficent), Iain McCaig (Star Wars), and Justin Sweet (Chronicles Of Narnia).

Disney is moving very quickly as it is in a race with Warner Bros on versions of Rudyard Kipling’s public domain title. It is also said to be looking for a mixed-race actor to play Mowgli, the boy raised by wolves in the jungles of central India. The studio will focus on the Kipling story Mowgli’s Brothers.

Elba most recently starred as late South African leader Nelson Mandela in Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom and Thor: The Dark World and next stars in the Cary Fukunaga-directed Beasts Of No Nation.

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