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First Whisky Distillery to be Built on the Isle of Harris.

By NewsRoom24 on March 9th, 2014 / Views
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Construction on the distillery in Tarbet on the Hebridean Island, famous for its strict observance of the Sunday Sabbath, is under way. Plans are to produce around 300,000 bottles of the malt, called The Hearach – the Gaelic name for inhabitants of the island, a year. The £10m Distillery is scheduled to be completed in 2015. It is being planned by the Isle of Harris Distillers group. Once completed, it will become only the second distillery in the Outer Hebrides. The other is on the Isle of Lewis, hence forming Scotland’s new whisky region.
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Described as a “social distillery”, bringing 20 new jobs to the local economy, is already under construction. 17 private investors around the world has plans to provide finance to the venture. The Harris Tweed Authority, local politicians and the people of the island themselves, as well as whisky enthusiasts and connoisseurs support and welcome the new endeavor. The Scottish Government is providing £1.9 million in funding. Simon Erlanger, Director of Isle of Harris Distillery Ltd, told: “We are building the ‘social distillery’ for the island and people of Harris.
“The Hearach single malt will create sustainable employment and economic growth and optimism for the people of Harris – while the spirit of Harris itself will shape the unique character of this new whisky.
 “Harris is an elemental place. The way of life in the island has deep roots, its people take time to savour what they enjoy and we believe The Hearach single malt will reflect that.”The first production of The Hearach will not be available in shops until it has matured for a number of years. However, a limited number of casks from the first year’s production will be available for sale to individuals.
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