This Sunday to be the Hottest Day of the Year Yet

By NewsRoom24 on March 9th, 2014 / Views
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Swallows have already been spotted across many southern counties where they should still be in their traditional wintering grounds in South Africa.  English strawberries are on sale in supermarkets after ripening and butterflies and bumblebees are also bringing their colours early to gardens.

This Sunday Is To be The Hottest Day Of The Year

A Waitrose said, “While the wet weather has caused havoc for many, milder temperatures have resulted in an earlier harvest than usual, with English strawberries available a week earlier than 2013.”The sunshine tempted many to the seaside like the family of five-year-old Genevieve Bishop who needed a sun hat for protection as she played at Great Yarmouth in Norfolk yesterday.

This Sunday Is To be The Hottest Day Of The Year1

Forecaster Andy Ratcliffe at MeteoGroup predicted,” It will be a dry day with a fair bit of sunshine in England and Wales. Generally it’s going to be a dry week next week with a lot of sunshine but not as high temperatures as Sunday. There could more unsettled weather towards the end of the week in the North-west.”

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