Flood Levels Begin to Recede Leaving Fish at Risk @ Worcester

By NewsRoom24 on March 10th, 2014 / Views
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Environment Agency officials were found today at Worcester Racecourse deploying huge nets to catch the stranded fish.


Located in Grand Stand Road, the race course was severely affected by the recent heavy floods and remained flooded after the River Severn burst its banks. Fish and swans swam in from the river to the racecourse through the waterway. But the fish were left high and dry as the flood levels dropped.


They got trapped on the racecourse site as levels dropped to grass level. Environment Agency workers was out with a net hunting the course to bring in the fish. They were transferred to special containers to transport back to the river.


The rescued fish, nearly 50, were brought back to the river. Agency officials measured all of them and carried them in containers back to the river. There was a large pike, weighing between 15lbs and 20lbs.


Environment Agency spokesman Dave Throup said on Twitter that they had to wait until water levels had dropped so they could catch them. “A couple of the fish had a bit of damage. We have had to wait until now otherwise they would have been impossible to rescue.” He said because of the receding water levels officials had to act quickly to save the fish.


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