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Ouch! Lorry Wedged in the Side of a £170,000 Ferrari

By NewsRoom24 on March 10th, 2014 / Views
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Photographer Robert Kearney pictured the crashed Ferrari 458 Italia – which costs £169,545 new – today in Kensington, west London. The incident happened on Kensington Square – the oldest garden square in the capital, where an average house values £8million.


The lorry crashed into the parked car close to Hyde Park and High Street Kensington London Underground station. The lorry driver was said to have been shaken but not

seriously injured. The car driver was not present during the crash. No arrests have been made yet.


A Metropolitan Police spokesman told The Daily Mail: ‘Police were called at approximately 2pm to Kensington Square to a collision between a lorry and a parked vehicle. The parked vehicle is a red Ferrari and the lorry was a white DAF truck.’




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