‘World’s Hottest Burger?’ at Burger Off in Hove, Sussex

By NewsRoom24 on March 10th, 2014 / Views
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After it put five people in hospital, diners at Burger Off are being asked to sign a waiver before eating a fiery chilli burger. In the battle for the spiciest cuisine, there is a new and unusual contender. The XXX Hot Chilli Burger – believed to be the hottest dish in Britain – is served to over 18s only at Burger Off in Hove, Sussex.


It is topped with chilli sauce which shows a value of 9.2million on the Scoville scale – a measure of the ‘hotness’ of foods. The Scoville scale is a unit of the amount of capsaicin in chilli peppers which was developed by American pharmacist Wilbuer Scoville in 1912. It can also be used to measure the ‘hotness’ of anything derived from chilli peppers, such as spicy sauces. The average chilli pepper is measured to be just 500 Scoville Heat Units.


Five diners were admitted for treatment on the same night, one among them with a suspected perforated bowel and other four for suspected anaphylactic shock. Customers have to sign a legal disclaimer saying they will not sue Nick before they can take their first bite. The secret sauce is smothered on to the meat before cooking.

The document reads: ‘I the undersigned accept all responsibility for any efects incured due to the consumtion of the above mentioned XXX Hot Chilli Burger and release Burger Off, its owner and staff from any liability.’


Mr. Gambardella, 55, said he was ‘amazed’ that he was being allowed to sell such a spicy burger: ‘It has been a massive hit with the customers’. ‘I have to admit I’ve not dared to try one of these burgers myself as they are so spicy,’ he said. ‘One guy came in and he was just a little bit cocky and when he left he was admitted to hospital because prior to eating the burger he had a stomach ulcer and we believe it perforated his bowel. He wasn’t in a good way but he pulled through.


‘I’ve also heard the local hospital had people on crash mats on adrenalin drips from my burger. But we never call an ambulance, it is always the customer who calls.’ He added: ‘I have spoken to people at environmental health but they think it is hilarious.’ Customers willing to try the XXX Hot Chilli Burger vary from young men to parents – while Burger Off also offers a cocktail stick sample for more timid customers.

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