Explosion and Building Collapse in New York City

By NewsRoom24 on March 12th, 2014 / Views
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There have been reports of an explosion and the collapse of a building in New York City.

The New York City Fire Department says it is investigating reports of a possible building collapse in Manhattan. There is no immediate word on any injuries.

The fire department said the building is located in East Harlem, between 114th and 117th streets. According to US media, East Harlem residents reported hearing a blast in the apartment building before it caved in.

Explosion and Building collapse in New York City1

Aerial images of the site showed a huge pall of smoke or dust with fire crews dousing the rubble. WABC TV reports the local utility has been called to shut off the gas following the explosion, which damaged windows in the area. Television networks have reported that residents heard a large explosion in an apartment building at around 9am local time.

It’s not clear what the cause of the reported explosion was, or whether there have been any injuries. It’s understood debris on nearby train tracks has caused the halt of some services in the area. According to WABC, witnesses reported seeing a partial roof collapse. It also said the structural integrity of the building may have been compromised.

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