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Ladies Day at Cheltenham Festival 2014

By NewsRoom24 on March 13th, 2014 / Views
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Ladies came bearing binoculars, their tweed coats and shiny patent leather boots accessorised with glamorous diamond studs and ropes of pearls as racing got underway on Ladies Day at the Cheltenham Festival.
Some others spotted with vast fur cossack hats, while more still embraced country-side inspired jaunty headgear and draped with British blooms and pheasant feathers.

 Lystra Adams with her elaborately decorated straw top hat which came complete with a bouquet of straw roses and a huge spray of feathers
Ladies_fashion_2A pair of racegoers take an unusual approach to country chic theme
A trio of young racegoers appear to have forgotten their coats
A racegoer in a furry cossack hat arrives for the races
Ladies_fashion_5A lady in a colourful purple ensemble
Ladies_fashion_6A covered – up racegoer looking splendid in a warm-looking fur hat with a matching scarf and a dark fur coat
Ladies_fashion_8Zara York from Somerset in a fur bolero and magnificent feathered hat
Ladies_fashion_11A bizarre ensemble that includes a fur hat and tippet
Ladies_fashion_17A lady sporting a cornflower blue ensemble accessorised with oversized sunglasses

Jennifer Wrynne from Ireland poses for a photo

Camilla Duchess of Cornwall beams as she arrives looking beautiful in a ruffled silk shirt, tweed coat and diamond encrusted pearl necklace
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