‘Blow Dry in a Bottle’ for a 42-day Straight and Frizz-Free Hair

By NewsRoom24 on March 18th, 2014 / Views
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Forget the bad hair days, a new home-based formula claims to eliminate frizzy hair for a record 42 days. Looks like the treatment has worked out well with the British women, the product is being snapped up at the rate of one every three minutes.
This revolutionary product has sold thousands of packs after being launched in branches of high street giant Boots three weeks ago. The new Free From Frizz 6 week Blow Out is the UK’s first home-based keratin treatment. It offers an anti-frizz record of 42 days, other products promise only a few hours of straight hair.
It is sold at £14.99. It is estimated that five million women in the UK are prone to frizzy hair and more than 1.65 million women are very sure about the need for controlling frizz and that would be their first and foremost concern about their hair.
Women have been forced to pay as much as £395 for specialist keratin treatment at hair salons for long term frizz-free hair. The Free From Frizz 6 week Blow Out system claims to have taken five years to develop. The package contains two bottles, one a pre-cleanser and the other a keratin treatment.

Free From Frizz, made by Kent-based beauty and hair care company Medichem, was launched in the UK first and will be launched in other European markets starting from May. Joe Mitchell, beauty innovations manager for Boots, said: ‘We know frizz is a big concern for a lot of our customers, particularly in this unpredictable weather, so it’s great to be able to offer something that fights frizz in a different and effective way and works whatever your style.’

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