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Britain’s most Spoiled Children, enjoying £45,000 of Designer Clothes and Toys

By NewsRoom24 on March 18th, 2014 / Views
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Scarlett Jacobs, two, and sister Savannah, one, have already been showered with £45,000 worth of designer clothes, expensive toys and luxurious holidays. These cutie pies may be two of Britain’s most pampered toddlers.
Mother Faye Jacobs, 30 years old, has spent around £7,000 on an extravagant designer wardrobe including labels like Diesel and Ralph Lauren. She said the oldest daughter Scarlett is already a fashion snob. Faye, a freelance digital marketing consultant said: ‘Scarlett’s turned into a total snob already. She sort of looks at some clothes and won’t even dare pick them up. We’ve bought her clothes from Primark but it will be Peppa Pig or Minnie Mouse and she sort of looks at it as though to say ‘there’s not a hope in hell I’m wearing that’ and it’s put to the side.’ Scarlett loves to ride in style in father Paul’s Porsche.
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Faye spends quite a lot for Scarlett and her sister Savannah, and wouldn’t dream of buying ‘cheap’ shoes from Next or M&S. She added: ‘I always buy them decent shoes. I like them to have Hunters and Uggs and Russell and Bromley wellies so we spend quite a bit.’
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Faye with her husband, Paul Jacobs, 35, a business development manager, live in a large four bedroom detached house in Camberley, Surrey. The couple spent £6,500 on decorating Scarlett’s nursery and first bedroom, choosing designer furniture from exclusive brand, ASPACE. The bed alone costs £1,000.
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And so why spare holidays alone. Faye said: ‘They are a bit spoilt with holidays. In Scarlett’s first year she went to Cape Town, Mykonos in Greece, Dubai and Spain and since we’ve had Savannah we’ve been to Dubai again, France and Halkidiki in Greece. Their designer suitcases are stuffed full of little Ralph Lauren dresses, Juicy Couture tops, Angel’s Face tutus and silk Merino Kids pajamas.
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 She said: ‘I always knew friends that were spoilt and I remember thinking when I have children I really don’t want that, I want them to be able to appreciate everything. But then you have children and if you’ve got the money why wouldn’t you give them the best of everything? I suppose they are spoilt but they’re not as spoilt as some children and I think if you can afford it then you can’t really justify not getting them the best. What they wear gives me as much pleasure in my own wardrobe and it is hard not to splash out when they wear it so well.’
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