Four People and Dog saved from British Beach after getting Stuck in Thick Mud

By NewsRoom24 on March 18th, 2014 / Views
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Coastguard officers reported that they saved two people who were stuck up to their thighs on the beach around midday on Sunday. After 90 minutes, in another incident two women and a dog were submerged up to their waists. All four people have no injuries from the incidents.

Two people and their pet got stuck in thick mud

The coastguard reported that the people had been jammed in thick mud, not sinking sand like in the pictures. They recommended that if anyone become stuck in mud, then they should call 999 immediately and to spread their weight as much as possible.

Coastguard helped to rescue the people with the help of fire service

They said no one should attempt to rescue someone who is stuck without the right equipment in case they get sucked in too.

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