Mother gets Extremely Frustrated after Daughter Creates Funny iPhone Shortcut

By NewsRoom24 on March 20th, 2014 / Views
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This iPhone shortcut is a clever way of stay away from sorting your dirty clothes when your mother asks you to do so.

Mother can't stop writing acid after daughter creates mischievous iPhone shortcut (2)

‘Okay so I made a shortcut on my mum’s phone so every time she types “dirty clothes” it says acid,’ she wrote.

Around 12,000 people who have so far retweeted her

Any time her mum would ask her if she had unwashed garments, acid would instead flash up on the screen. Naturally her mother got extremely irritated, much to the fun of her daughter.

Mother gets extremely frustrated after daughter creates funny iPhone shortcut

Kenzie tweeted this and around 12,000 people who have so far retweeted her.

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