Tiny the Rottweiler was Crowned Grand Champion of Ruffs 2014 after Amazing Transformation

By NewsRoom24 on March 20th, 2014 / Views
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Tiny the Rottweiler was near to death when he was rescued from a dog’s home in Taiwan after being abandoned.

British expat Sean McCormack noticed the unhealthy looking dog on a visit to the pound and decided to rescue him to his sanctuary on the island, according to MailOnline.

Rottweiler was infected when he rescued

‘When I first saw Tiny he was big, clearly very sick and, we were told, aggressive so we we agreed to take him in,’ .‘At first, I thought he was a mastiff, because he was in such a bad state that it wasn’t clear to me what breed he really was’, He said.

Tiny was finally recovered to health by Mr. McCormack and recently won an RSPCA Ruff award, which is an alternative to the famous Crufts prize.

Rotweiler after recovered from his disease

Mr. McCormack added: ‘We are all over the moon that Tiny was crowned grand champion of Ruffs 2014.’

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