Bristol Described as the Best UK City to Live In

The city was named as ‘simply one of the best places to live in Britain’ by the Sunday Times (£) and Skipton in North Yorkshire was named as the most pleasing location for homeowners.

The paper said about all of the 64 cities in the UK but did not rank them, although Bristol came out as the overall winner.


Bristol is named as the best city

Home editor Helen Davies said: ‘Cities can be fabulous places to live. They offer almost everything you could ever want. Many of us already live in a city and even more of us are predicted to make our home in one in the next decade.

‘The urban lifestyle appeals to almost everyone: from those in their 20s starting out, families putting down roots and retirees moving back into the bustle of a city centre. Overall, the list is a celebration of city life.’

Edinburgh is the second best place to live in

Reasons to Bristol won:

Varied and beautiful housing stock, Good schools, Great connections, Low unemployment, Buzzy culture and nightlife, Access to fantastic countryside and finally the people who make the city great.


Other city awards:

Most optimistic: Belfast

Brainiest: Cambridge

Best views: Edinburgh

Best for sport: Glasgow

Best connected: London

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