World’s Smallest Sushi Created by a Tokyo Chef

By NewsRoom24 on March 23rd, 2014 / Views
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More than 10 years ago, sushi chef Hironori Ikeno began making diminutive sushi after a customer challenged him to do so. He prepared each of his miniature pieces on just one grain of rice.
Throughout the years Ikeno has perfected the process and can still be found making teeny sushi at his Tokyo restaurant, Nohachi. Mr Ikeno (pictured) explains that his unusual craft was born out of a joke with a customer who he once served a mini creation to. He then began to wonder how tiny he could make the pieces.
In an interview with Reuters, Ikeno explained that each piece takes five minutes to create, five times what it takes to prepare traditional-sized sushi. The sushi still packs the same flavors, and according to one customer, “Each grain of rice had quite a distinct taste.”
 Each piece weighs less than one gram and incorporates the same distinct ingredients you’d find in a regular-sized portion. He now serves his tiny delicacies only to ‘children, couples and foreigners.’
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