The Scariest Robot Ever?

By NewsRoom24 on March 26th, 2014 / Views
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The unnamed robotic dancer is featured in a New York-based art installation, gyrates to music while staring at onlookers. The scary face was crafted by artist Jordan Wolfson, a 33-year old artist, with help from Spectral Motion effects studio in Los Angeles. It is on display at the David Zwirner Art Gallery until April 19.

The movements are convincingly realistic and a metal pole fixed to a mirror lets the doll dance fluidly. It uses facial recognition technology to seek out viewers in the gallery and stare at them with its terrifying green, masked face. It even follows people with its gaze if they move across the room.

It wears a thrifty white dress, boots and ghostly mask with its geared shoulders plainly on view. Other body parts look realistic from a short distance away. The supporting pole allows the exotic dancer to gyrate and swivel while staring at the reflections of onlookers, iO9 reports.


The animatronic doll dances along to distorted versions of songs including Robin Thicke’s hit, Blurred Lines but the robot is far less glamorous as ‘she’ appears to be dirty. Gallerist reports that the robot also lip-syncs to songs by Lady Gaga and Paul Simon and challenges viewers to close their eyes and stop watching it. Wolfson’s voice gave life to the doll.

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