Owner Sets His Dog Up For Ice Bucket Challenge. What Happens Next Will Amaze You!

By NewsRoom24 on September 5th, 2014 / Views
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ALS ICe Bucket Challenge - Fudge The DogYou’ve probably seen a lot of ALS ice bucket challenges appear on your Facebook timeline over the past few weeks, and no doubt sick to the back teeth of them.

Jack Proctor definitely was, and after being nominated for the second time in a matter of days decided that his dog Fudge should replace him.

What Jack didn’t know was that Fudge was no ordinary dog.

So when the camera starts rolling, and Jack is about to throw a bucketful of ice cold water all over his dog Fudge, something quite funny happens, and the tables are turned.

Watch the video to see what this clever little dog has lined up for his unsuspecting owner…the outcome is hilarious!

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