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Aren’t these Giants Adorable?

By NewsRoom24 on September 10th, 2014 / Views
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The ‘colourful giants’ as they are made by the two brazilian artist brothers Octavio and Gustavo Pandolfo, known together as Os Gemeos stands in Granville Island in Vancouver, Canada. These are originally 6 industrial silos which are now covered completely with colours as a part of their ongoing project ‘Giants’ mural. The twin brothers took almost one month to finish this 70 foot, 23500 square feet area silos to make it their career best project turning the silos into giant characters.

giants-graffiti-industrial-silos-os-gemeos-1 giants-graffiti-industrial-silos-os-gemeos-2_2 giants-graffiti-industrial-silos-os-gemeos-3 giants-graffiti-industrial-silos-os-gemeos-4 giants-graffiti-industrial-silos-os-gemeos-6_2 giants-graffiti-industrial-silos-os-gemeos-7 giants-graffiti-industrial-silos-os-gemeos-10 giants-graffiti-industrial-silos-os-gemeos-11 giants-graffiti-industrial-silos-os-gemeos-12 giants-graffiti-industrial-silos-os-gemeos-13

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