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Sketches of 2 Year Old, A Creational Inspiration for Her Artist Dad

By NewsRoom24 on September 11th, 2014 / Views
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The sky high interest of a 2 year old in drawing is turned into paintings with very easy imaginations to keep it simple by her artist dad. The sketches are non directed by him, hence the kids creativity of ink pen sketches are converted carefully to water colour paintings so that it inspires the kids contribution rather than a proffessional’s. As Pablo Picasso quotes,”it can take a lifetime to paint like a child” and thus the artist feels blessed for letting him see through a 2 year olds eyes.

artist-turns-childrens-drawings-into-paintings-1 artist-turns-childrens-drawings-into-paintings-2 artist-turns-childrens-drawings-into-paintings-4 artist-turns-childrens-drawings-into-paintings-5 artist-turns-her-two-year-olds-sketches-into-paintings-5

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