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Excuisite Artwork from Pieces of Coloured Paper Strips

By NewsRoom24 on September 14th, 2014 / Views
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There are a gazillion ways to create a paper art but nothing matches the creation of Yulia Brodskaya, the artist from moscow. Quilled paper is easy at a glance but her work on them, is a class apart in terms of detail, colour and expressiveness. The art is created by rolling or bending the strips of paper and gluing their sides to the surface which gives the art a 3d depth.

colorful-paper-art-illustrations-yulia-brodskaya-1 colorful-paper-art-illustrations-yulia-brodskaya-3 colorful-paper-art-illustrations-yulia-brodskaya-4 colorful-paper-art-illustrations-yulia-brodskaya-5 colorful-paper-art-illustrations-yulia-brodskaya-6 colorful-paper-art-illustrations-yulia-brodskaya-7 colorful-paper-art-illustrations-yulia-brodskaya-8 colorful-paper-art-illustrations-yulia-brodskaya-9 colorful-paper-art-illustrations-yulia-brodskaya-10

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