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Strange Bans Across the World which will Surprise You.

By NewsRoom24 on September 14th, 2014 / Views
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If you have any plans to travel abroad, you should know that certain countries have the some bans. While these nations probably have their reasons for banning the things but some of them seems to be weird. It’s hard to understand why some countries would even bother drafting legislation to ban some of the others

Here are some crazy bans :

ads alcohol in public transport avatar Brad pitt1 bradpitt again Broadscraves Carbonmonoxide in Meat Church of Scientology Congress cyclling positions Gaming Console Heil Hitler Salute Holiday ads Indoor Tanning Megan Fox Methonal Cigarettes Movie theaters Mullets porn Reincarnation Religious texts Tank wheelchairs The Grapes of Wrath westboro baptist church working women

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