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Graffiti:Craze or Life ??? Some Amazing Graffiti from around the Globe

By NewsRoom24 on September 18th, 2014 / Views
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Graffiti is not just always a craze,sometime it depict life of a region.It grows from the heart and proceed through our mind .Beyond ages,caste,color and creed, people enjoys a graffiti.It sometimes brings in joy or teaches us a lesson.

Here are some mind blowing graffiti from around the world.
creative-graffiti-world-pt2-1 creative-graffiti-world-pt2-2 creative-graffiti-world-pt2-3 creative-graffiti-world-pt2-4 creative-graffiti-world-pt2-5 creative-graffiti-world-pt2-6 creative-graffiti-world-pt2-7 creative-graffiti-world-pt2-8 creative-graffiti-world-pt2-9 creative-graffiti-world-pt2-10 creative-graffiti-world-pt2-11 creative-graffiti-world-pt2-12 creative-graffiti-world-pt2-13 creative-graffiti-world-pt2-14 creative-graffiti-world-pt2-15 Mural by Kobra in Moscow creative-graffiti-world-pt2-17 creative-graffiti-world-pt2-18
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