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Unsung Hero of American Wars !!!

By NewsRoom24 on September 18th, 2014 / Views
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Hyman Strachman ,a WW2 veteran that spends most of his time pirating movies. He started this hobby shortly after his wife passed away. Since 2004 Hyman has copied an estimated 300,000 movies and sent every single one to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan – out of his own pocket spending $30,000 with the cost of purchasing pirated copies of movies, blank CD’s and expensive overseas postage added

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Every box he sends out has 84 discs that usually go out to a platoon in Iraq or Afghanistan.He acknowledges his violations of domestic copyright laws, but he also pointed to his walls – which are full of huge American flags and dozens of appreciative letters and photos of soldiers holding up their favorite DVD’s.

After Mrs. Strachman passed away, he discovered a website that collected soldier’s requests, which was largely filled with requests for DVD’s and such and decided to help these soldiers. Initially it was a tedious process but he bought a $400 professional duplicator to speed up his process.

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He has never accepted any type of payment for the work that he has done. All he gets in return is letters and emails from soldiers thanking him for the work that he has done for them. Hyman has seven three-ring binders which are overfilling with letters and printed emails thanking him for the things he has done. Our hats off to you sir, you’re a good man!


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