Yummy and Adorable but still, they are Out of Reach of your Watering Mouth!

By NewsRoom24 on September 20th, 2014 / Views
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I dont know if you have noticed yourself when you enjoy a piece of delicious pastry, but I know that i close ma eyes and enjoy the sweetness. But here are some pastries which me or anyone who falls in my line wouldnt wanna close their eyes and enjoy, because they are so sweet to be enjoyed by your tongue but very pretty enough to twinkle your eyes.
Most of these cakes owe their artistic magic to fondant, a controversial cake decoration
ingredient which is both good and evil for every tongue that varies. Fondant can be made in different colours and patterns which in turn becomes the perfect foundation for this art work on pastries

Library Cake 'Pigs In The Mud' Cake Up Cake Planet Cake1 Planet Cake2 Red Dragon Cake Panda Cake Polo Shirt Cake Beer Bucket Cake Nikon Cake

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