Waltz on Walls; Now Gravity Really Doesn’t Matter!

By NewsRoom24 on September 24th, 2014 / Views
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Waltz can really get superb with its swift and subtle technique. But the  two innovative dancers from the Bandaloop dance company, Amelia Rudolph and Roel Seeber gives the style a new definition by suspending  themselves on the side of Oakland’s City Hall for the city’s annual Art +
Soul festival. The technicality in their dancing is quiet unquestionable even when they are fighting against the nature’s gravitational force.
The dance company specialises in vertical or suspended dances and it really pays off when a 1st person eye with a perspective view captures the show using a gopro camera. Waltz is worth watching now, any objection?waltz-on-the-wall-vertical-dance-bandaloop-1 waltz-on-the-wall-vertical-dance-bandaloop-3

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