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Coconuts are not just Shell now they are a Part of Art; Coconut Lamps

By NewsRoom24 on October 6th, 2014 / Views
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I am Vainius and I have been obsessed with light art for over a year and this obsession has lead me to create handcrafted lamps out of coconut which lighten up the entire room. Everything started after I came across the light art made by an artist named Calabarte, after which I fenced my own idea and it took me 9 months to complete my first lamp. And with time and effort my work became precise and beautiful.
The coconut is used to make the head of the lamp, which, after proper and precise shaving, waxing and finishing becomes a shining jewel. While the suede is used to make the stand to give it softness along with a sign of fear because of the snake like body. Well the designs on the coconut always vary and so does my ideas with the endouring passion.

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