It’s both bitter and sweet and it’s for ‘exes’ ; 12 shoes for 12 lovers

By NewsRoom24 on October 6th, 2014 / Views
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It’s not so sweet but neither too cold and revengeful, but these are for the exes, so taste and thought may differ. The article features a series of exquisitely designed shoes by Artist Sebastian Errazuriz. The series ’12 shoes for 12 lovers’, features shoes designed to reflect
each of his 12 past relations.
Each beautiful high-heel shoe comes with a brief anecdote about or description of the girl in Errazuriz’s past that it is dedicated to. Well some of them are sweet while others are a bit bitter.
Errazuriz had almost no problems with most of his exes but he was concerned about some of them.
Errazuriz worked together with Melissa, a shoe company who has worked together with other high-profile designers like Vivienne
Westwood and Karl Lagerfeld. Some of designs are impractical but they are still ‘pretty’.

“Cry Baby” Alexandra1 “Cry Baby” Alexandra2 “GI Jane” Barbara1 “GI Jane” Barbara2 “Gold Digger” Alison1 “Gold Digger” Alison2 “Heart Breaker” Laura1 “Heart Breaker” Laura2 “Honey” Natasha1 “Honey” Natasha2 “Hot Bitch” Caroline1 “Hot Bitch” Caroline2 “Ice Queen” Sophie1 “Ice Queen” Sophie2 “Jetsetter” Jessica1 “Jetsetter” Jessica2 “The Boss” Rachel “The Boss” Rachel1 “The Ghost” Valentina1 “The Ghost” Valentina2 “The Rock” Alice1 “The Rock” Alice2 “The Virgin” Anna1 “The Virgin” Anna2

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