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Life even after Our Heart Stops, Heart-in-a-Box

By NewsRoom24 on October 25th, 2014 / Views
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Surgents from St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney transplanted a non beating heart successfully into a patient, a heart that stopped for 20 minutes. Till now heart donation could have been done until circulatory death sustains, that is when brain is completely dead and heart is still operational. But with the new development a heart that has stopped for a few minutes is kept in a machine called heart-in-a-box. The heart is kept warm and heartbeat is restored and a nourishing fluid helps reduce damage to the heart muscle.

The console where the heart is reactivated
The heart-in-a-box, which is being tested around the world, could save up to 30% more lives by increasing the number of available organs. The first to undergo the surgery is Michelle Gribilas, 57, and she feels as if she has got younger. Well no need of a better result!

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