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Want to Laugh – Mr.Bean’s Digitally Painted into Historical Portraits

By NewsRoom24 on October 26th, 2014 / Views
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Rodney Pike is a caricaturist who uses the uniquely 21st Century method of using digital manipulation to wildly distort actual photographs of his subjects. He’s quite good at it, and his online portfolios attest to that skill. Recently, the excellent design blog Abduzeedo shared a recent portfolio of Pike’s wherein he inserted the great British comic actor Rowan Atkinson, famed for his character Mr. Bean, into about a dozen historical portraits. It’s extremely well done, and the effect is very funny. In fact, seeing Atkinson’s face in all the different period costumes recalls his fantastic pre-Bean BBC program Black Adder. Keep an eye out for altered details, like the pair of lace panties in one of the Holbeins, and the teddy bear in the Bronzino.

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