It was Rat in the Trap but it is Cat in the Trap!

By NewsRoom24 on October 29th, 2014 / Views
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Ever wanted to catch the cat that loot your fishes red handed? Here is a new idea developed on internet by collectively studying cat behavioural pychology. And a few study by users on Reddit and Imgur started noticing that cats are attracted to circles. This became promisebly true with more user trials.
Cats need safety and this might be why they are attracted to small and secure spaces and circles are perfect. So even the illusion provided by circles are handy for cats and there they are, caught!

He didn’t even see it coming how-to-trap-a-cat-circle-1 how-to-trap-a-cat-circle-6 how-to-trap-a-cat-circle-7 how-to-trap-a-cat-circle-8 how-to-trap-a-cat-circle-12 how-to-trap-a-cat-circle-14 how-to-trap-a-cat-circle-15 how-to-trap-a-cat-circle-17 Step 1 Set the trap Step 2 Lure the ferocious beast Step 3 Gloat over your victory

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