Children Injured after School Bus Overturns

By NewsRoom24 on November 11th, 2014 / Views
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More than 20 people, mostly schoolchildren, were taken to hospital after the bus they were travelling in overturned down an embankment.
The female driver and 25 passengers, believed to be school pupils aged around 14, were taken to Hereford County Hospital to receive treatment for cuts and bruising.
The driver of the bus was treated in intensive care at Hereford County Hospital.
Police said 53 children were on the bus when it crashed and an investigation into the possible involvement of another vehicle is under way.
Children Injured After School Bus Overturns1
Dr Malcolm Russell who has been treating some of the victims taken to the hospital said it was a distressing scene.
He said there had been a lot of minor bumps and bruises and number of potentially more seriously injured casualties. A lot of children were covered in mud, a few of them were bleeding. They are very glad that the vast majority of children involved have minor injuries.
Inspector Alex Warner said the bus was heading to St Mary’s School in Bartestree when it came off the road and toppled into a field, although it was unclear what had caused the crash.
A spokeswoman for bus operator PW Jones Coaches said children claimed a lorry involved in the accident did not stop. The coach had pulled over to stop on a grass verge and it gave way.
Children Injured After School Bus Overturns
Dr Paul Harris, whose son was on the bus, said he had heard some of the children had suffered broken bones.
West Midlands Ambulance Service said the driver had been trapped in the bus before being released with the help of firefighters.
She was treated for chest and abdominal injuries and was kept still with a neck collar and spinal board.

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