Mother Survives 45 Minutes with No Pulse

By NewsRoom24 on November 11th, 2014 / Views
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A mother has survived for 45 minutes without a having a pulse after complications arose during a caesarean section.
Ruby Graupera-Cassimiro, 40, a new mother whose heart stopped beating after a rare complication while giving birth miraculously survived 45 minutes with no pulse.

She was saved by ‘divine providence’ after her cesarean section went badly wrong.

A team of doctors spent three hours trying to bring Ruby back to life after amniotic fluid from her womb got into her bloodstream and had stopped her heart beating

Mother Survives 45 Minutes With No Pulse

Doctors were preparing to pronounce the 40-year-old’s death and had even called her mother, husband and sister into the operating room and told them there was nothing more they could do.
But then her heart started beating again.
Thomas Chakurda, spokesman for Boca Raton Hospital, said, “She essentially spontaneously resuscitated when we were about to call the time of death.”
The complication came just after she gave birth to a healthy daughter, Taily, who is now two and a half weeks old.

Grauper-Cassimiro passed out for three hours while medics battle to bring her back. They assumed they had failed, and called her family into the operation room to declare her death officially.
Mother Survives 45 Minutes With No Pulse1

Her family had already been told there was nothing more that could be done.
But Graupera-Cassimiro the mother of two, who works in human resources, defied expectations in the September 23 ordeal, and, even more stunningly, suffered no brain damage other other ill-effects.

Medical experts at the hospital could not explain her survival, with Mr Chakurda saying her case was one of “divine providence”.

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