Simple Techniques for Preserving Every Single Drop of Ice Cream

By NewsRoom24 on November 18th, 2014 / Views
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With winter soon reaching us, it isn’t a good time talk about cold. But should we really care about cold when the matter of discussion is ‘ice cream’. Well I wouldn’t hesitate tell my fond for icecreams. So with this I introduce a few icecream hacks that have helped me with those yummies, and it will help you all too. Go ahead, checkout what it really is.

Cookie BowlCookie Bowl

Create an Oreo toppingCreate an Oreo topping

Cut ice cream with a knifeCut ice cream with a knife

Finish an almost-gone jar of Nutella with ice creamFinish an almost-gone jar of Nutella with ice crea

Ice Cream-Frosted CupcakesIce Cream-Frosted Cupcakes

Keep Ice Cream soft in a bagKeep Ice Cream soft in a bag

No-Bake Ice Cream CakeNo-Bake ice cream cake

Pre-Scoop Ice Cream for a Party and Keep in the fridgePre-Scoop ice cream for a party and keep in the fr

Use Knife to make these Marks and Prevent IcingUse knife to make these marks and prevent icing

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