Bin Lorry Driver Dies after Crash by His Own Truck

By NewsRoom24 on November 26th, 2014 / Views
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A bin lorry driver has died after being crushed by his own truck when he tried to stop it rolling out of a car park.The man was taken to hospital but later died. Police have appealed for witnesses.

Sergeant Brian Smith, from Police Scotland, said, “This tragic accident happened as the driver tried to stop his lorry from rolling out of the car park of the Hawes Inn. He was crushed against the wall by the lorry, which then hit a parked Jaguar car before rolling across the road and mounting the pavement. demolishing a bench and fencing before it came to rest hanging over the edge of the pier. Although this is a busy road, with a number of pedestrians in the area at the time, fortunately no-one else was injured.”
Bin Lorry Driver Dies After Crash1
He added, “We are carrying out a full investigation and I am appealing for any witnesses who have not already spoken to us, to call Police Scotland on 101.” Councillor Norman Work, who represents Edinburgh’s Almond ward, said, “It’s a tragic accident. It appears that the driver was trying to prevent the accident from happening. It’s tragic but could have been a lot worse. We are grateful no one else was injured, because it’s a very busy area round the whole promenade. Obviously our thoughts go out to the family of the driver.”
Bin Lorry Driver Dies After Crash
A spokeswoman for the Hawes Inn said, “Our team helped out as much as they could in the moments after the accident happened and contacted the emergency services. We are fully cooperating with the police investigation and our thoughts are very much with the driver’s family.”

Police in Edinburgh are now appealing for witnesses of the tragic accident to come forward.

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