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Parasite Discovered In Morrisons Meal

By NewsRoom24 on November 26th, 2014 / Views

Paul Poli, a 62-year-old retired headmaster, was about to enjoy a tasty sea bass when he discovered the unpleasant creature dwelling inside the fish.After returning the sea bass to the store in Swansea, South Wales, the creature was identified as cymothoa exigua, commonly referred to as the tongue-eating louse.The parasite operates by entering a fish through its gills, before attaching itself to the fish’s tongue and eating it.
Parasite Discovered In Morrisons Meal
Mr Poli has said that the discovery of the parasite has put him off eating fish for life.He said, ‘It was about 3cm long and 8mm wide, luckily just big enough for me to see it before I put it in my mouth.”Later Morrisons apologized and gave Mr Poli a bottle of wine and a £20 voucher.
Morrisons results
A spokesman for the supermarket said, “Sometimes fish often pick up parasites naturally from their eco system. Although we make every effort to screen these out during the skinning or packaging processes, they may be present on very rare occasions. Our skilled fishmongers will also identify them as they fillet a fish – Mr Poli’s fish was sold un-filleted at his request.”

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