Edinburgh Airport Reopens after Security Alert Leads to Evacuation

By NewsRoom24 on December 1st, 2014 / Views
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A reported suspicious package lead to the evacuation of travelers from the terminal building. Passengers who had already boarded planes were also told to leave aircrafts. Police Scotland confirmed that there was an ongoing incident, but the airport has since reopened. Disgruntled passengers who were left standing for hours in the cold, took to social media to vent their frustration at the lack of updates from police and the airport. Some travelers reported that flights had been diverted to Prestwick during the incident.
Edinburgh Airport reopens after security alert leads to evacuation1
Flights including British Airways were cancelled and some delayed following the alert. Twitter user Sheplain reported that a police block remained in place at the airport road after the building was reopened. One passenger tweeted that the plane he had been sitting on was evacuated due to a “major security breach”. Zarah Lloyd, 40, from St Albans, Hertfordshire arrived for their morning flight to be met by absolute chaos. She said, “We got here and asked what was going on but no one knows anything. “They can’t tell us how long we’re going to be outside, if we will even be flying out today or if we should head back into Edinburgh and come back later.”

Marilyn Taylor, 28, from London said: “I travel at least three times a year and this has never happened to me. At Heathrow and Gatwick they always have people around who know what’s going on so this all seems like one big joke. If it was that serious, why did they keep us so close to the building? I hope they’re going to compensate us because I highly doubt they’ll be able to get everyone back to where they need to be today.”
Edinburgh Airport reopens after security alert leads to evacuation
Mikey Kerr, 56, from Edinburgh said: “When we walked back into the terminal after being held outside for over two hours we were greeted by security with massive guns. It was very alarming and took me and my wife by shock. I do feel sorry for the handlers but they really should have had more people outside informing travelers about what was going on. I’m raging.”

A spokesman for Edinburgh Airport said, “We can confirm that the airport is now fully operational following this morning’s security alert. The object suspected has been confirmed as not being a danger to the public. The safety of our passengers and our staff is at the heart of what we do and we thank passengers for their patience as we resolve this situation. Our team is now working hard to ensure any disruption to journeys is minimized.”

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