Newborn Baby Girl found Dead in Wheelie Bin

By NewsRoom24 on December 2nd, 2014 / Views
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The body of a newborn baby girl has been found in a wheelie bin in North Yorkshire. Police have issued an urgent appeal to locate the mother of a newborn baby girl who was found dead in Richmond. The tragic discovery was made just minutes before rubbish was due to be collected by bin men in a communal waste area on Whitcliffe Grange.

Dennis Wemyss, 71, spotted the baby girl as he took out his rubbish bags just away from a children’s play area.

But despite calling paramedics to the scene the girl could not be revived and was pronounced dead.
Newborn baby girl found dead in wheelie bin
Inspector Mark Gee, of Richmond Safer Neighbourhood Team, said, “Enquiries are at a very early stage and our primary concern is to locate the mother of the new born baby girl to ensure that she receives urgent medical care. It is highly likely that the mother is in a very distressed state and needs professional support. We urge her to contact the police or medical staff as a matter of urgency as her health and wellbeing is the priority.”

A woman who lived near the scene said, “It could be a needle in a haystack job to find the mother. There are blocks of flats and outside each block is an area where they keep the bins for each block. That is where it happened just behind me. The first thing I knew there was anything wrong was when all the police turned up. All we can think is how awful it is especially if it’s just a young lass. The actual play area is a bit away from where it happened. Everyone is just so shocked because this is such a nice area.”
Newborn baby girl found dead in wheelie bin1
Another female resident said, “It is such a shame ‘ life is precious’.”

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