A Restaurant Serves Food Fast Making it Fast Food

By NewsRoom24 on December 10th, 2014 / Views
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A new restaurant in Abu Dahbi that serves quality of the food with help of rollercoaster.

Instead, they have a completely unique hook to get people interested in eating at their restaurant.

This place uses over 30 roller coaster tracks to deliver any and all food to its customers.

Set in a 14,000 square foot, 360 seat, super-speedy eatery in the luxury Yas Mall, The Rollercoaster Restaurant’s tracks will bring all it’s food straight to it’s customers by one of 30 tracks.
Restaurant Serve Food Fast Making It Fast Food1
Customers do this by ordering from tablets at their tables, and then watching their food and drinks, kept in closed pots to prevent spilling, go around multi spiral, double loop and tornado tracks all the way to the table.

Although customers dining at their Abu Dahbi location might think their experience is unique, the German company HeineMack GmbH actually has seven rollercoaster restaurants in total.

With a standard wait time of at least 30 minutes to be seated, we can see why it’s so popular.
Restaurant Serve Food Fast Making It Fast Food
There’s every reason to visit one of their locations in Russia, Germany, Kuwait, or Abu Dahbi in your near future

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