Sky Ride ‘Safe’ after mid-air Terror

By NewsRoom24 on December 10th, 2014 / Views
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An amusement ride which was shut down after its carriages crashed into each other in mid-air with people on board is safe, its operator says. This is the terrifying moment a stray seat on the huge Sky Ride at Cardiff’s Winter Wonderland swung loose and collided with two people using the ride. Passengers were terrified as a gust of wind sent empty carriages swinging at the top of the 60m (198ft) Sky Swing at Cardiff’s Winter Wonderland.
Sky ride 'safe' after mid-air terror
The terror for those on the ride starts at two vacant seats start swinging alarmingly out of sync with those carrying passengers, apparently after being caught by a gust of wind. As they gain momentum, they sway increasingly, eventually colliding with those carrying members of the public. Then, after contact is made, the ride comes to an abrupt halt, with everyone aboard left dangling hundreds of feet above Cardiff.
Sky ride 'safe' after mid-air terror 1
Sayers Amusements, which operates it, said there was no fault with the ride.The operator released a statement after it had investigated what happened on the towering ride. It said the wind had not exceeded the speed limit when the ride started, which is 10m per second, and that the ride shut down when gusts pick up. The operator said, “It took less than five minutes to get all gondolas unloaded.No one was hurt as the safety system was working correctly at all times, and a full explanation was given to everyone on the ride, and they were all given a full refund, and all stayed on site for a while afterwards.”

The Winter Wonderland is a Cardiff Council event and the authority said it has sought assurances steps have been taken to ensure there is not another incident.

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