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The Worrying Situation in Europe Explained By Luke Duffy

By NewsRoom24 on November 16th, 2015 / Views
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Seriously, what did we really expect? Please, can someone honestly tell me that the attacks in Paris were a complete surprise? Are we in the west really that delusional? Are our heads truly buried that deeply in the sand?
We allow hundreds of thousands, even millions, of so called ‘refugees’ to cross freely over our borders. We promise them safety, freedom, and welcome them with open arms, smiles, and pats on the back. Some people go as far as waving banners and singing songs for them, as they spew from the trains like humanoid cockroaches, anxious to flood into our cities and exploit our weak laws and pathetic sense of humanity.
The fact that 90% of them are males, aged between eighteen and thirty (fighting age) and unaccompanied by the wives and children that they left behind in whatever God forsaken rat-hole they left, does not seem to ring any alarm bells to those bleeding-hearts, as they stand on the platforms, demanding that there should be no borders.
Our politicians openly commit treason, assisting in the slow genocide of our race, culture, values, religions, histories, and traditions. Our way of life is being steadily exterminated by the policies of the likes of Merkel, Cameron, and Obama, (and of course, that contemptible psychopath, Tony Blair). Yet they face no consequences for their actions. When will they be held accountable for their incompetence, blatant misuse of their offices and funding, and the sickening betrayal of their countries and the western world, as a whole?
As these vermin pour into our countries, rape our women and children, pillage and riot at will, destroy our communities, and demand that we adjust our society and culture to suit their demands, our weak-minded leaders continue in their policy of appeasement/support. I have to ask; is there some kind of conspiracy here? Are the western politicians going to gain something once that their populations are living under Sharia Law, being forced to convert to Islam or face beheading?
Our pathetic leaders condemn these attacks, just as they condemned the beheading of Lee Rigby and the Charlie Hebdo attacks. But what will they do? I’m sure that ISIS are now severely concerned that David Cameron released a statement, saying that he condemns the murders, and are now ordering all future attacks to be cancelled as a result.
Where will the next attack be? Trust me, this is not the beginning. It has been going on for quite some time, but we quickly forget. For a while, we will fight them with our greatest arsenal; flowers and candles. ISIS will retreat under this barrage of love and solidarity. But we will soon be distracted by heart-warming reports about a dog that can manipulate a mobile phone, or the fact that the price of plastic bags will increase to 7p in the shops. Then more attacks will follow, and more western men, women, and children will be butchered on our streets, with fresh political condemnation, candles, prayers, and flowers as a counter offensive.
There is a war coming, and those who don’t have their heads stuffed up their arses, know this. Unfortunately, there is very little we can do about it due to the policies and moral corruption of our governments. We WILL lose the coming war due to our misguided sense of humanity and ridiculous belief that everyone in the world can, and should, get along. I fear for the future of my children and their children. It is they who will suffer as a result of our inactivity and refusal to do what is necessary to preserve/save our way of life.
It is no longer a case of ‘the enemy is at the gates’. The enemy is through the gates and amongst us, as well as leading us. We let them in. We voted them in. We WILL be wiped out in an assisted genocide and voluntary suicide.
I’ve been accused of being a racist, but I am not. I am prejudiced against certain views and the people who follow them through my own experience. Unlike many of the bleeding hearts who believe in a ‘no border policy’ and that we should help and welcome all these so called refugees, I have first-hand experience of these vile creatures and their warped version of the ‘religion of peace’. For many years, like hundreds who are on my Friends List, I have worked with, and against these sub-humans. I have lost scores of friends to them. And the more experience I have had of them, the more I despise everything about their culture, their values, history, and warped view of religion. They are a plague, a disease that has been unleashed upon humanity and allowed to fester and grow. Now we are assisting the spread. Would we deliberately infect our populations with Cholera? So why infect ourselves with an extremist Islamic virus that wants nothing more than to exterminate us?
Our countries were formed over a period of thousands of years. We have gone to war with one another over these borders for thousands of years. We have bled and died for our countries, and felt proud to do so. There is a reason that we have borders, and that is because, regardless of how much we hate to admit it, not all human beings get along. Not all cultures, religions, and ideologies are compatible, and MUST be kept separate.
The attacks in Paris are evidence of this. The rape attacks that happen daily across Europe against our women and children are evidence of this. The terrorist attacks in London, Paris, New York, Washington, Madrid etc…etc… are evidence that we will NEVER be able to live side by side with an extremist culture that has vowed to destroy us through their own ideology and religion.

There is only one solution that will save our children and the future of our nations and cultures, and that solution is ruthless, uncompromising, and brutal. It is the only real path to our continued existence. The solution must be ‘FINAL’! Read in to that however you like (I’m sure that some will scream ‘fascist’ because of my choice of words. Not all solutions that are final need to include the extermination of entire populations). It is down to our leaders to decide on the solution, but the tip-toeing and appeasement needs to end to ensure our own preservation.
Now, Facebook, by all means, ban me. Shut me up. Accuse me of spreading racial and religious hatred. Friends, please, if you are offended, feel free to fuck off. I have no room in my life for bleeding hearts and appeasers, deluded with naivety and lack of knowledge and experience.
I will probably not be here tomorrow, having been kicked off by the Facebook extremist supporters and lefty terrorist sympathisers. But for those of you who took the time to read my rants, thanks and good luck.
God save the Queen and Vive la France.

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